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Engine Building

BMW engines are among the best engines built in the world. This actually presents a challenge to those who would like to improve upon them. By being so finely tuned from the factory, an incorrect tolerance can weaken, damage or destroy an engine. RRT Racing has years of experience repairing, rebuilding and modifying BMW engines. Whether it is the installation of new pistons into a S52 or installing a stroker motor into your E9x M3, RRT Racing can do it right the first time.

More than just a package sitting on the shelf, should you find yourself needing a custom engine, RRT Racing will work with you to develop one to suit your needs. Whether it is a bulletproof engine to work with high boost levels, or a high-revving track monster, RRT Racing has the resources to build and test almost any setup. We do not believe in a one size fits all fix, and you should not have to settle for one. We only work with top tier manufacturers and never cut corners.

Engine Building

Once we build your custom engine, we can install it for you in your car. RRT Racing has both completed hundreds of engine replacements over the years and we have performed numerous custom engine swaps. Our customers are driving around in E46M3 sedans, turbocharged S52 E30’s, fully built E36, forced induction E92’s and many more very cool cars.

We believe in building a complete package. Many shops can bolt together some parts purchased elsewhere, but few have a true understanding of how and why the various systems work together. Modern engines are a complication mix of mechanical parts, hydraulic & pneumatic drives and electronic control systems. Understanding the science behind these systems is the only way to properly assemble an engine package that not only produces the desired horsepower, but can also serve our clients reliable to both ‘spirited’ street driving and all out racing scenarios.

All engines need to start with the proper base. Preparing the block for the build is of the utmost importance. Piston rings, bearings, oils systems can have tolerances below .001″ of an inch. RRT Racing has some in house machining capability and have connections all over the country for specialty equipment and techniques. This ensures that no matter what the job is, RRT Racing has the resources to accomplish it correctly.

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Oil Service

But there is more to an RRT oil service that just changing your oil. During an RRT oil service, your vehicle will receive a visual inspection of all major safety components, wiper blades inspected, washer fluid topped off, tires inspected for wear and air pressure.

“Touchless” Tire Mounting

Not only do we have the capability of mounting any profile tire, but we utilize our Hunter Auto 34 touchless tire changer to do so without touching the lip or face of the wheel with any metal parts. 

Road Force® Tire Balancing

RRT’s Road Force® GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tire forces and provides solutions for solving ride and handling problems such as tire pull and wheel vibration that balancers and wheel aligners cannot fix.

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