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Performance Upgrades

Gunnar's Audi A4 Big Turbo Project

We Understand Performance

Installing performance upgrades can mean something different to everyone. To certain people, performance is acceleration, pure horsepower. To others, performance means rounding the track circuit the fastest. Some people are looking for the best handling available, the ultimate canyon carver. Still others want a balanced car, not built to extremes but to perform better all the way around without losing the character of the original. Or maybe you are just wanting to improve the look of your vehicle? Let RRT help you select and install your performance upgrades today.

Porsche Turbo on Ohlins Coilovers in front of RRT

Performance Without Compromise

At RRT we hold ourselves to a standard that doesn’t allow for something to be “good enough”. Just because a part bolts on or physically fits doesn’t mean that it fits properly. We believe that most of the time, a part should fit like it was made by the vehicle manufacturer. Too many times we have heard, even from aftermarket manufacturers, that you just need to “cut a little” or trim this or that. We think the manufacturers should take the time to research and develop a product that fits properly and works well. There are always going to be situations where a component will have to be modified to work, but we believe that those modifications should be done because there is not any other alternative, not because a company wanted to save a dollar by using a cheap connector or a more inexpensive intercooler core and the list goes on. 


Our technicians average over 15 years of experience each. They receive professional training and have access to all necessary technical resources.


We take a great deal of pride in the many 5 star reviews our clients have left us on all forms of media, including Google, Yelp, Driver Side and more!


We are authorized dealers for all the top brands of maintenance, performance and racing manufacturers. We only partner with the best.

BMW BBS Wheel Upgrade

Wheels & Tires

A proper set of wheels can “make or break” a car. If you are building a track machine the right tire contact patch and compound can determine whether you win or lose a race. If you are looking to dress up your daily driver, the proper combination of looks, performance and durability is necessary. For the all out show car, getting the right stretch or lip can be the difference between taking home a trophy or not. RRT has years of experience helping customers choose the right wheels and tires to suit their needs.

BMW Brembo Brake Upgrade

Brake Upgrades

Without brakes, it doesn’t matter what other upgrades your car has or what condition any other part is, because you can’t drive your car. There is a saying in motorsports, “If you want to go faster, buy better brakes”.

Carbahn Engineering and upgrades


CarBahn is a leading producer of BMW and Mercedes tuning software and high performance parts.
Steve Dinan, CEO and founder of Carbahn, is a well-known pioneer in BMW and Mercedes software tunes. Increase your BMW or Mercedes power and performance safely with Carbahn’s performance tuning software.

Suspension Upgrades

Suspension Upgrades

When RRT was founded over 12 years ago, we began as a suspension tuning, design and development company. Our years of experience have built a knowledge base that is hard to find elsewhere. If you are looking for the right suspension upgrades for your car we can help you determine that package.

Exhaust System Upgrades

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems can add horsepower and torque to your vehicle. Most modern vehicles are tuned much better than their predecessors so gone are the days that an exhaust will add significant horsepower. However, gains of 5-20hp can still be realized. There are other performance benefits as well. A more free flowing exhaust can increase throttle response & if it is a turbo car, the turbos will spool more quickly

ECU Tuning for German Makes

ECU Tuning

There are many different ways to increase power through ECU tuning. The simplified explanation is that most manufacturers will leave some room in their tune. Sometimes this is because of not wanting to encroach the mechanical limitations of the engine. Other times it is to meet certain emissions requirements or even for “political” reasons. ECU tuning involves modifying the fuel and spark maps of an engine.

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