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Carbahn By Steve Dinan

Who is Carbahn?

CarBahn is a leading producer of BMW and Mercedes tuning software and high performance parts.

Steve Dinan, CEO and founder of Carbahn, is a well-known pioneer in BMW and Mercedes software tunes. Increase your BMW or Mercedes power and performance safely with Carbahn’s performance tuning software.

When it comes to high performance upgrades, we have a long history in racing. Steve Dinan, also founder of Dinan Cars, built the largest BMW aftermarket company in the US. CarBahn is testing and approving high performance products that meet Steve’s standards. In addition, Steve is combining these products with proprietary high-performance products to give you the best selections of durable street car performance equipment.

Steve Dinan at the track

Meet Steve Dinan

Steve Dinan, a pioneer in improving, tuning, and enhancing performance, possesses a relentless curiosity that drives him to question the status quo. Throughout his career, he has consistently asked, "Why is it made this way? What happens if this is changed? Can it be improved and why?" For Steve, driving is not just a mere act but an ongoing classroom, where every maneuver and modification becomes part of an ever-evolving if-then statement. Each change made to a vehicle serves as a learning opportunity, and through careful observation and analysis, Steve's confidence in his craft continues to grow. He understands that the cars themselves possess a language, and by developing an empathetic connection, he can discern whether they appreciate or reject the modifications.

Explore Some of What the Experts at Carbahn Bring to the Table

Performance Software

CarBahn’s performance software is designed to deliver reliable “Smooth Power” meaning the software is calibrated correctly by using a safe approach to power adjustment. Excessive torque will break the tires loose, overload the engine and ruin the drivetrain. To reach optimum power, the software is easily combined with our high-performance intercoolers/heat exchangers and turbos.

Carbahn Engineering for BMW Performance

Suspension Tuning

Steve Dinan is famous for road car suspension systems that not only handle better than the competition they ride better as well. CarBahn designs their own suspension systems paying careful attention to spring, damping and anti-roll bar relationships as well as bushing deflection and suspension geometry to make a truly superior system.

Suspension Tuning

Exhaust Systems

Carbahn Engineering's exhaust systems are meticulously engineered to optimize performance and deliver a thrilling driving experience. With precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, our exhaust systems enhance both power and sound for discerning automotive enthusiasts.

Exhaust systems from Carbahn enhance your BMW's performance, sound and appearance

ECU Tuning

Carbahn Engineering's ECU tuning services offer unparalleled performance enhancements tailored to your vehicle's specifications. With expert calibration and advanced software optimization, our ECU tuning unlocks the full potential of your engine, delivering increased power, torque, and throttle response.

Carbahn ECU Tuning for BMW

Engine Performance

Carbahn Engineering's Engine Performance program offers comprehensive upgrades designed to maximize the power and efficiency of your vehicle's engine. With precision-engineered components and expert installation, our performance packages ensure exhilarating driving experiences and unmatched performance gains.

Carbahn Engineering's Engine Performance program offers comprehensive upgrades designed to maximize the power

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