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Brake Fluid Flush with ABS Cycle


Corrosion and contamination of the intricate and expensive ABS and DSC hardware is to be absolutely avoided. Another factor is the elevated operating temperatures encountered in the high-performance braking systems BMW’s and other manufactures use, which makes maintaining a high boiling point critical to safety. A third reason is that brake fluid is hydroscopic. This means that it can absorb water, even directly out of the air. When water gets into your brake system, the brake fluid can not function properly, leading to poor braking or even complete brake failure

When air (or vapor) becomes present within the lines, it creates inefficiencies within the system because, unlike liquid, air can be compressed. So when enough air fills the lines, input at the pedal merely causes the air to compress instead of creating pressure at the brake corners. In other words, when air is present within the system, the efficiency and effectiveness of the braking system is reduced. Usually, a small amount of air within the brake system will contribute to a “mushy” or “soft” pedal (since less energy is required to compress the air than is required to move fluid throughout the brake lines.) If enough air enters the brake system, it can result in complete brake failure.


Sometimes, it can be the result of a service procedure or an upgrade – such as replacing the stock flex lines with stainless steel braided lines. But often it is the result of high temperatures that cause brake fluid components to boil, thus releasing gasses from the boiling fluid into the brake hydraulic system.

RRT goes beyond what a lube shop can do. Using our diagnostic equipment, we can cycle the ABS system so that all the fluid gets replaced, not just the fluid behind the pump. We also properly bleed the system to ensure that all the air is out of it, giving you a firm and safe brake pedal. RRT also stocks a variety of brake fluids that have different purposes. Whether you drive a street car, a race car or use your vehicle for a different purpose, we can help you chose the correct fluid for you flush. RRT recommends flushing your brake fluid about once every other year. This is required more often with race cars. Regardless of what type of brake work you require, know that RRT is the one stop shop for all your brake needs.

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